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Common problems

Post by Ionathan » Wed Jan 18, 2006 2:31 pm

Having as starting point Mark's sticky about FSUIPC I suggest to have that or a more generic sticky post with common (and sometimes funny) problems we have confronted or have heard about others. Here is my contribution:

One of my pilots had a problem in the beggining, complaining that he could not refuel the aircraft. His mistake was to try to refuel the aircraft (by the "Fly Booked Flight" link on the Client) before choosing an aircraft to fly in FS.

Another one concern pilots using a dial up connection. The PIREP is sent automatically by the Client when we apply the parking brakes. At that moment we must be connected to the internet. So, reconnect if previously disconnected (during the flight) or check the connection just in case the line went off. Otherwise the Client crashes.
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