Client 2.2.5 Released

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Client 2.2.5 Released

Post by joefremont » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:08 am

I have just released version 2.2.5 of the client. This revises both the aircraft damage and system failure systems of the client.

For aircraft damage I went back to the drawing board and tried to come up with a rational plan of how much damage an average flight would do and worked backwards from there. The new system should result in much less damage.

The system failure the chances have been greatly reduced. For an aircraft with 97% the chance in the earlier 2.2 versions would be 1%, now is 0.1%, at status 90% there is only a 1% chance, at status 80% there is a 4% chance.

Since the earlier 2.2 clients were too aggressive in applying aircraft damage, any aircraft that was flown using them has been repaired up to 98% and any maintenance done after using a 2.2 client has been refunded. Hopefully with this reset we can all get happily back in the air (virtually).
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