Finance by Fleet

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Finance by Fleet

Post by joefremont » Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:01 am

Hi Flyers.

I have just deployed some updates to the fleet systems that allow you to keep track of finances by fleet. If you go into edit your 'VA Settings' there is a new option 'Finance by Fleet'. Once this is turned on each fleet then has its own budget and is financially separate from the other fleets in the VA and is not allowed to spend more than its budget. IF for some reason you can't change this value its probably because one or more of your fleets has a negative cash balance. There is a new page in VA finance "Transfer Money" that allows one fleet to send money to another. If you have permission to buy or sell aircraft for a fleet, you can also transfer money from it.

Of course if one fleet somehow manages to gets its balance so negative that the entire VA now has a negative balance, the other fleets will also be out of money.

If you ever delete a fleet, you are not so much deleting it as merging it into another fleet. When you delete a fleet you have to select another fleet to move the aircraft into, when you do that the transactions and flights that were attached to that fleet will be re-attached to the new fleet.

As part of this change all financial transactions are assigned to a fleet, including flights, maintenance and even pilot tips (you have to select the fleet that pays it). I tried by best to figure out for every flight and transaction what fleet it belonged to but if the aircraft involved was no longer part of your airline I had to assign it to your 'default' fleet.

Also for each fleet you can now assign a home base, by default its the airport where most the fleets aircraft were parked when I applied the database upgrades. Right now it makes no difference but if and when parking fees ever get implemented, aircraft parked at there fleet base will get discounted parking.

Let me know if you find any problems.

Happy Flying.
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