Website Updates Feb 25, 2018

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Website Updates Feb 25, 2018

Post by joefremont » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:26 pm

Hi Flyers!

I made a few updates to the website you may notice.

I split the 'Personal' section of the menu into two with a 'pilot' section and a 'personal' section. In the personal section are those things that only a pilot would do for themselves, including read messages, book flights, premium accounts.

I made an update to the security section, now for ranks of airline officers (ranks that give special permissions) only the CEO can grant those and only the CEO can modify the rank of someone who has it or kick then from the airline. The rank that has permission to manage pilots can still accept new pilots, give them normal ranks and manage type ratings.

A few other small bugs including deleting emails sent to oneself and some codeshare bugs.

Happy Flying.
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