Client v2.2.0.rc2 Released!

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Client v2.2.0.rc2 Released!

Post by joefremont » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:46 am

Hi Flyers!

The second release candidate for 2.2.0 is now out, sorry it took so long.

For those who have problems connecting to the server from the client, here is something new to try. You can now enable communication through a relay server that will allow communication when your ISP blocks access to the main server. The main server is in Germany and the new relay is in California. It won't be any faster since it still has to relay your message to the main server but it may help.

To turn this feature on open the fsairlines.ini file in your Documents/FSAirlines folder and add the following line to the [settings] section.

AltServer = 1

If that still does not work try:

AltServer = 2

This turns off https communication instead of http so it will be less secure but it may work when the other does not.

Let me know if this helps anyone.

Happy Flying.
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