New Feature! Alternate Seat Layouts

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New Feature! Alternate Seat Layouts

Post by joefremont » Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:53 pm

HI Flyers!

I have implemented a new feature, Official Alternate Seat Layouts!

Currently the maximum number of seats in an aircraft is based on the economy maximum seats and you can replace two economy seats with one business class or four with one first class, but there are some aircraft where the limit is more weight than volume and more of the higher class seats can be added and still be able to fly. Plus in pre 1950's aircraft every seat was considered first class, so I have modified the system so an admin (me) can add alternate seat official seat configurations that all airlines can use, also those alternate configurations and the standard configuration can be any combination of first, business and economy seats as long as the total number does not exceed the total number of passengers.

I have modified the Concorde so that instead of 100 economy seats with an x6 ticket factor I have modified the default seat configuration to be 100 first class seats with a 2x ticket factor. I have also modified the DC3 so there is an alternate configuration with 21 Business class seats, which was the standard configuration when the aircraft was introduced.

So if you want an alternate configuration for a specific aircraft that you operate submit a support ticket for the aircraft saying what the configuration should be, make sure you include a web link to a reference that confirms your data.

When looking at older aircraft we assume that a normal seat was a business class seat and a 'sleeper' seat is first class.
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