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ToDo - List

Post by Konny » Fri Oct 21, 2005 3:13 pm

Here is the current list of features we want to include in future versions of FlyNET.

  • high priority
  • improved refuel-system
  • ability to declare emergency for not being penalised as a pilot
  • ability to push a refuel button on ground, so you won't be penalised as a pilot if you have to divert and refuel due to bad weather
  • Ability to resume flights after system-crash
  • Some output in the FS-line
  • more rating criteria ( beacon, \strobe, ... )
  • include weight calculations
  • more report output ( lost status %, failures, ... )
  • module for direct access inside FS
  • low priority
  • additonal plane data (engine type...) which influences mantainence costs
  • Improved failure-system
  • report failures in log
  • Chat
  • more info on the "fly booked flight" screen

  • High priority
  • VIP flights ?
  • implement 3 fare classes ( First, Business, Economy )
  • Medium priority
  • "Are-you-sure-buttons" ;-)
  • 'active flight' status page
  • Create flightplan wizard (automatically create routes from aircraft/type, starting time and multiple airports)
  • enhanced aircraft info (flight/maintenance logbook, statistics, assigned flights(link to fp page?))
  • enhanced airport page (statistics)
  • enhanced logbook (sort/display functions, statistics)
  • enhanced va flights page (show more data in one row)
  • enhanced finance report (show different types of transactions, net worth, statistics, ... )
  • automatically add bargain aircrafts to traders list from time to time
  • Low priority
  • Custom signatures
  • Advertising
  • Loans
  • Rankings
  • Insurances
  • Jumpseats
  • sub-airlines
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