Client Released! (Beta)

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Client Released! (Beta)

Post by joefremont » Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:54 pm

At least one pilot reported that not being able to use the new 2.4.0 client because there virus detection software was blocking it, while previous versions were not blocked. So I have created a new 'beta' built do see if we can fix it.

A few weeks ago I started re-installing windows 7 on an old laptop so I could play a game that would no longer run on windows 10 (Silent Hunter 4 if you must know) but when this came along I repurposed that laptop as my new build computer. Clean install of Visual Studio, AVG anti-virus and the minimum of other things needed to build and package the client. This new build is the first release from that system.

Other minor changes:

I added some code to 2.4.0 to better detect which version of windows pilots are using but though that might be getting the virus software suspicious so I reverted it.

A pilot was complaining that they could not use the Flight Design CTSL in MFSF, the client was rejecting it because its MTOW was off. The MTWO in MFSFS was 450kg while our database (and all the references I could find) say it should be 600 kg. so I made a small change for aircraft below 1000 kg in weight to relax the weight check so that this aircraft will be accepted.
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