Help needed with packages and income

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Help needed with packages and income

Post by Kgbow » Wed Apr 22, 2020 5:25 pm

Hey there guys. Platinum member here. Over 70 odd flights with my VA and I'm still wondering about a couple things....

A - Is it possible (for example) to fly from EGLL to EICK, I saw my pilot loaded parcels to multiple airports around the area. Do you get paid for all those parcels? Or just the ones listed to to your destination?

B - How does the multiplier work? More often than not ill only get the (x100) then it'll randomly jump up to (x700) This is confusing as it makes some two hour PAX flights pointless when you can earn the same if not more flying for 50 mins?



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Re: Help needed with packages and income

Post by Cat » Thu Apr 23, 2020 1:23 am

A) if you have package handling permissions set for ranks, they can load any aircraft anywhere. If you want more restrictions, go to Edit VA Settings, look up each rank and adjust the permissions according to your desires. You can ground deliver packages within 50 nm of your destination. I made 4 tutorial video's on the package system alone, please see the links in Getting Started Video topic.

Package Basics:
Package Releasing and Ground Delivery: ...
Aircraft Transfers & Warehouse Storage:
Using the Search Engine:

B) The multiplier starts high if set on "dynamic" to help airlines get established by paying them more per flight. (The recommended setting is x25). As your airline earns more and more cash, the maximum multiplier factor will be reduced so an established airline with billions cannot fly at x700 multiplier and keep making millions per flight. As you spend money on aircraft and reduce your cash flow, you multiplier may again increase if you have "dynamic" selected in your EDIT VA SETTINGS.

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