FS9 Just Flight 757 proffesional gotcha

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FS9 Just Flight 757 proffesional gotcha

Post by MMattyK » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:32 pm

Hiya Guys :)
For those who have the FS9 757 proffesional add on, there is a substantial gotcha.

If you have a large number of flightplans in the default FS9 folder (in 'my documents') when attempting to insert a FS flightplan using the CDU, it will cause FS9 to crash after a brief display of a visual C++ buffer overrun error.

It can be overcome by moving your flightplans into a backup folder, with just the flight plans you need in default folder , not sure of maximum value, but I'd suggest the 10 should be ok, and then just transfer flight plans between your backup and default folder as required

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