grounded plane, why?

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grounded plane, why?

Post by spooky » Sun May 30, 2010 10:43 pm

Hello, im new here, so if this question has been answered before, sorry. I flew a flight, no problems, then when I landed the log for the flight said it had been reported " for cheating" and will be "reveiwed by admin". Whats the deal? I flew a plane that is listed in the game, other people use them. I didnt alter the program for it or anything likr that, im confussed. Now the plane is grounded cant use it. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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Re: grounded plane, why?

Post by CAPFlyer » Sun May 30, 2010 10:57 pm

I can't answer specifically because you didn't post this is the correct forum for that nor did you follow the instructions that you would have read had you posted it there.

However, generally if anything looks "out of line" for a report, it is flagged and the reviewed. Because of the number of people who had flown several flights after a flight had been tagged and it causing a lot of problems with the database when we had to fix something after additional flights had been flown, we started temporarily grounding the pilot and plane until we could take a look. Typically, if a flight is flagged, it was because either the time wasn't recorded right and it made it look like you'd finished the flight to quickly, the client was unable to save your fuel state at all of the required points in your flight, or your fuel consumption was unusually low for the length of flight for that kind of airplane. Most likely, the flight has already been reviewed and accepted without modification.

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