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FSVirtual FSInn Flight Network

Post by BVA-970 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:47 pm

Its a Virtual Flight Simulator Network to fly with difference’s Virtual Airlines online.

Attention to all VA/Community CEO’s

Dear CEO’s
We would like to offer you and your community the opportunity to fly on the latest flight simulator multi-player network with Virtual.
The network is FSinn(http://www.fsvirtual.com). As I am sure you are aware this network has been tried and tested by communities such as “VATSIM”. The network is very reliable and will eliminate certain problems that some of your pilots may be having, for example if your “gamespy” session drops and the pilot is not at his computer he may very well loose his flight.
We would like to invite you to come and join us on our network which has been running continuously from September 2011 without any connection problems other than a few man made problems (which were quickly rectified), and fly in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded individuals all flying for various Virtual airlines/Communities without the “strictness” of following ATC.So you can fly together with Microsoft® Flight Simulator FSX, X-Plane and FS2004.

If you are interested in joining your Virtual Airline. http://www.fsvirtual.com

So what can FSVirtual offer to you and your Virtual Airline / Group

1. 24/7 FSInn Server for free.

2. 24/7 Teamspeak for free.

3. Virtual Airline Channel on Teamspeak with Ceo gets Channel Admin only.

4. FSVirtual will Lease a Aircraft at a ( low cost ) to your new airline to help to get you on your way on FSAirlines only.

5. FSVirtual will Advertise your VA on our website ( http://www.fsvirtual.com ) for free.

6. FSVirtual will buy a aircraft to lease to your VA for 20 Days ( low cost ), Until you can buy the aircraft from FSVirtual at the lowest price on the condition you use FSInn Network for 20 Days.

Terms and Conditions

1. VA's must Not Poach new members from another VA on FSVirtual

2. If a member like to join you from another VA ( Both Ceo's must agree BEFORE thats it ok for member to leave & join ).

3. Each VA's will have a Channel on Teamspeak so thier members can use When flying on FSV network.

4. Ceo only will get Channel Admin on teamspeak Any offensive, racist, or discriminatory advertisements/images shall be taken down and the offending member shall undergo immediate and full punishment for their actions.

5. Use of foul language to be kept at a bare minimum at all times.

6. Try to keep from talking over another player ( Please wait until a correct time to talk back ).

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