Introducing NY Airways.

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Introducing NY Airways.

Post by KenRianNYA » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:04 pm

I have launched NY Airways, operating out of Republic Farmingdale (KFRG) on Long Island.

The idea behind the airline, and the slogan, is convenience. I live on Long Island, and I am getting VERY tired of the drive to JFK (I travel a lot for work). Islip is just too far to drive, especially with traffic.
So, why not launch an airline based at KFRG, with routes that people on Long Island would find convenient, and useful.
I am using an ATR-72 and a Jetstream 41 for routes to upstate New York, and Toronto City Center.
The Islander will be used for shorter routes out of KFRG (Atlantic City being one)
Bigger airliners are being phased in and used on routes along the east coast as well as the Caribbean. Focus will be on lesser used airports to cut down on lines and time spent at bigger airports. Some routes will be to bigger airports (ATL), since people will need to get to these hubs for connecting travel.

The fleet so far consists of:
1 ATR-72-500
1 Jetstream 41
1 Britten Norman Islander
1 Douglas DC-9-41.
1 Boeing 727-200 on lease.

Aircraft on order:
1 DC-9-41
1 MD-88
1 Lockheed Electra.

I will run this airline as realistic as possible, with routes I believe would be viable in real life, flown in a way that would have people become return customers.
So far we are 2 pilots, but the more the merrier!
It won't be an airline with 500 planes and 2000 destinations for a long time, if ever. It will, however, be an airline with a little of everything...from short hops in VFR or victor airways in planes like the Islander to longer routes in a growing list of airliners.
I personally prefer the classics, so I will have more DC/MD products, as well as the classic 737s and "older" turboprops.

If this sounds interesting, then head on over and check us out!

Ken Rian

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