How to join Bush and Island Charters

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How to join Bush and Island Charters

Post by petec » Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:03 pm

To register for membership of Bush & Islands Charter, you must first register for an account with FSAirlines.

Registering with FSAirlines

1. Go to FSAirlines
2. Click on 'Register' in the left hand column
3. Complete the registration form giving your REAL FIRST NAME & SURNAME, and your starting airfield as either:

a) The Caribbean and Alaska
i) Ketchikan International (PAKT) - For initial type rating on any wheeled aircraft.
ii) Ketchikan Seaplane (5KE) - For initial type rating on any floatplane or amphibean.

b) The Pacific Islands
i) Port Moresby (AYPY) - for initial type rating on any wheeled aircraft

Note: Following initial 'type rating', you are able to switch between the areas whenever you want (but it does cost you virtual $ for your ticket)

4. Press 'Join'

Registering with Bush and Island Charters

1. Re-enter the FSAirlines site using the ID that you registered with.
2. Click on 'Join Existing VA' in left hand column
3. Search for 'Bush and Island Charters' (VA ID 17087) and select by ticking the box
4. Once selected, your application to join will be forwarded to us automatically for acceptance.
5. Once we accept the application, you will be notified via FSAirlines and will be ready to fly with us.

Don't forget to check your FSAirlines “Messages” area for the acceptance notification from Bush and Island.

Registering for a forum account

The forum is where all the day to day work within Bush and Island takes place, and although it's not impossible fly without joining the forum, it certainly makes it more difficult to do so for both you and the administrators. It is therefore VERY HIGHLY recommended that you do register.

To register for the forum, go to the Bush and Island homepage. Once you have made an application to the forum. watch for an e-mail from Bush and Island notifying you that your forum account has been activated.

Please note however, that for security reasons, we will not activate your forum account, until registrations to both FSAirlines and Bush and Island Charters have been completed as above.

Please also note that your application to both "Bush and Islands" (the application made through FSAirlines) AND the "Bush and Islands forum" WILL BE REJECTED unless both applications include your FULL real name. You may however, use any username within reason

To start flying - At last, the bit you're really here for

Go to the Bush and Island forums, and make a post requesting allocation of a training aircraft in either the Request Fixed Wing Training forum, or the "Request Rotary Wing Training", depending on whether you want to start by flying fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. Whichever you choose, you are free to change your choice at any time.

Once this is done, an admin will allocate the aircraft of choice, and will post a reply to your forum request to let you know that he has done so.

You must complete four 'Training' flights, (highlited in yellow in your available flights list), to obtain a 'type rating' for that aircraft, after which you must complete a further 10 flights on this aircraft type before you are able to apply for further 'Type training' on other aircraft types.

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