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Welcome to Bush and Island Charters

Post by petec » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:12 am

Looking for something different?

Bush and Island Charters was successfully launched in January 2011, initially operating in the Caribbean and Alaska and very quickly expanding into Canada.

Now another step has been taken, this time a big one, to the other side of the world, with the opening of a base in Port Moresby (AYPY) for operations in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

In addition, one of our members has been working on a project to introduce the Bell 206 and 412 helicopters into to our fleet, with the capability of recreating realistic 'sling-load' cargo flights, and trials for realistic 'Fire Fighting' missions are also in the final stages.

So, if you like bush or Island hopping flights, flying wheeled, float or amphibean fixed wing aircraft, or helicopters (but not 'big tin'), you now have the choice of the Caribbean with it's sea, sand and sun, the splendour of Alaska with it's 'bush', lakes and mountain glaciers, or the steamy heat of the Philippine Islands and the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

Our fleet currently consists of:

* B1900D
* Dornier DO228
* BN2P Islanders
* DHC6 Twin Otters
* C208 Caravan
* C206 Stationaire
* Quest Kodiaks
* Bell 206
* Bell 412

Flights can be flown online (VATSIM, IVAO, etc.) or offline, the choice is yours. The only compulsory is that you use FSAirlines flight tracker.

With no 'ranking' system, a relaxed view on rules and regulations, and limited commitment, could this be the VA for you?

Further information and joining instructions visit our web site , and read this forum post

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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