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EPSILON announcement

Post by MOW » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:26 pm

EPSILON VA is now settled in 4 HUBs and 1 agency.

- FRANCE HUB in Le Bourget Airport, LFPB, directed by Mr Fitzgerald, EPSILON CEO
Objective: to strengthen current FRANCE networks and to develop this networks till the secondary regional cities (EFT Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Metz-Nancy Lorrain).

- EUROPE HUB in Frankfurt-am-Rhein, EDDF, directed by Edwin, EUR DIR.
Objective: to develop EUROPEAN networks ICCW FRANCE networks. BPT extend networks to neighbouring areas of interests (Russia, Serbia, FYROM, Middle East,...).

- AFRICA HUB in Luanda, FNLU, directed by Samantha, AFR DIR.
Objective: to strengthen our presence in Angola, gaining 40% of commercial traffic. BPT extend networks to neighbouring countries. BPT propose commercial partnership with greatest African VA.

- SOUTHERN PACIFIC HUB in Tahiti, NTAA, directed by Oliver Materson, PAC DIR.
Objective: to develop French Polynesia networks for the incoming 3 months. BPT develop routes to neighbouring south Pacific countries, while establishing partnership with greatest Pacific VA.

- US AGENCY in KLAX, directed by Leonardo Vinci, US MAN.
Objective: to liaise with locals authorities IOT facilitate development of connexion between PAC and EUR routes, through KLAX. BPT develop a US southern area routes and to establish partnership for the US northern area.

The success of EPSILON was so well known than an old partner VA decided to stop its activities and to join the adventure.

JOIN now and run the objectives to be able to be ranked at the right level, depending on you abilities and commercial success.

In EPSILON VA, salaries are currently:

Chief Executive Officer: 40%
HUB Flight Director: 30%
HUB Manager: 25%
Epsilon Pilot: 20%

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