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In the CEO Office

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:59 am
by MOW
Jeanne knocked the door. A loud voice said "Yes !" and she entered Mr Fitzgerald office.

-"Sir, I received during your time in hospital an official request from EA virtual airways. It was a simple mail, but they were looking quite interested by creating a partnership with our Company. I replied that you were not immediately available, and that we will contact them later and they do agree. What should I do now, sir ?"

- "Hm. EA Virtual Airways... Do we have some information about them ?"

-"I do not have time to search for sir. You know, with the crash, the office have been very busy to manage the situation."

-"Yes I know, Jeanne, and I'm very satisfied by the way it has been done. It is the reason why I'm very upset by not being capable to upgrade your salary and the staff salaries, but you know that the situation is not bad, but not so good. We need to gain again the confidence of our client, and we need 83 millions in order to buy our first Boeing we need to expand our networks to the southern towns of Montpellier, Marseille and so on. I managed the current incomes and we are 9 millions rich only, following the fact we have to buy a new second CRJ-7 to replace the crashed and scrapped one."

Jeanne do not answer. She just smiled, with this kind of smile you just do not know if it is to dissimulate a dissatisfaction, or to show that she understood the situation. Making like if she do not take in account the excuses of her boss, she says :
-"Sir, the only think I know is that they are located in Masstricht and Johannesburg."

-"Johannesburg ? Woaow ! What a strange coincidence, whereas I was thinking, in parallel, to open African lines in order not to scrap our BE-58, C208 and even B350. I was thinking to transfer them to African lines... If they are experienced there, we could share this experience... Something more, Jeanne ?"

-"Yes Sir, they even propose to lease one or two plane, in a very interesting way for us, but they do not communicate any precise offer."

-"Thanks, Jeanne for all this good job. So call them and invite them to come to Paris, to talk with us. If they do accept, please, organise something nice, I mean a tour in Paris, a nice restaurant in Pigalle - Moulin Rouge could be great - and following your feeling about them, please, do not exclude some... let say... accompanying girls. I mean, some people do not like to be alone, you see what I mean..."

-"I see that your are still an old military guy, macho and taking females like objects..."

-"Ah... Euh... You prefer me to organise the delegation to be with us."

-"I really do prefer, Sir. So I go to phone to them to propose them a meeting there."

And she went out, not saying that taking in account the crash that happened between the request and her phone call, she was not sure they will be interested any more in making such a deal with EPSILON company. And she was a little furious, finding the idea of escort girls completely stupid and degrading. But with Mr Fitzgerald, she get used by the 4 thinks he was loving : females, Single malt, Cuban cigars and aviation.

Re: In the CEO Office

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:27 am
by MOW
Mr Fitzgerald was very happy. Everything ran well with EA, Virtual Airways and the firt partnership established. Of course, the main concern he has was that the southern Africa Hub of this company was very, but very, far away from its southern airport in France. And due to the fact the company has only 2 CRJ-7, the distances was too huge.

During weeks, he has conducted with his team, between several flights, a huge study to dertermine a route able to reach south africa, in respect of CRJ-700 not only range, but rentability.
He was quiet proud to the result obtained when he received a phone call.

-"Mr. Fitzgerald speaking..."

-"Hi Fitz ! This is VA CEO ! In fact, I should say Little Italia CEO !"


-"Yes, I'm really sorry, but last time, when you offered us a great turn in Paris, I do not have time to explain you what was a long-time planned reorganization of the company. I'm really sorry, but we decided to recenter our activity in Europe, between Maastricht and Italia. I know, this could disturb you, but you are so kind that we would like to continue our partnership under this new configuration..."

What ?????????????? Dozens of hours, days of study, calcul, and weeks of letters to obtain governmental authorization in exotic countries like Libia, trying to draw the line of conflict areas to avoid them, and all of this work should go to trash ??????????

-"I'm quite not only astonished, but a little disapointed by this change. You should have say this before we signing a partnership !"

-"Huh. You are right. But you are the first one I inform about. So, what do you think about ?"

Poor excuse, and at least, Mr. Fitzgerald was sure it was not true. In one hand, Italia was more interesting, because at range-miles of its CRJ-7 and less complicated because of european laws applying. In the other hand, it was anoying. All this good work not useful. But suddenly, he smiled. No, this work was not unuseful. He was still planning to extend to Africa, because he was sure there was a lot of opportunities there. If VA was out ot Africa, it was meaning more space for him and less concurrence. And, if he was keeping good relationship with its former CEO, he could benefit of his experience there to know about the regional regulations. Definely, he should accept the change.

-"I confirm my will to maintain a partnership with your new company. We should create some routes between Maastricht and my own Hub, in Le Bourget. IN the same time, we could find some new routes between the southern airport my company is desserving, and then to Italian main airports, as Rome, Naples, and even one in Sicilia from the Corsica airport. So, if you agree on doing this, avoiding some conflict between this new route distribution between our companies, I agree in maintening our partnership."

Of course, it was not the time to say that he will soon request some informations about their african experience. But he was not wishing to deal with this issue now. Everything is to be done step by step.

-"So, what do you thing about my deal ?", he added.

Re: In the CEO Office

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:32 pm
by MOW
Mr Fitzgerald was highly satisfied by the partnership with Little Italia. Now, his company was able to explore lines to Italia and even one to Maastricht, the main HUB and office of Little Italia. Definitely, he was not liking too much to go there, even if they decided to sign the partnership at this place. It was far too cold and humid for him, and a town less as beautiful as could be Paris.

When he came back, mind full of these new opportunities, and some good cash in the airlines budget, he decided to buy one more CRJ-7 to be in a position to run this new routes. Epsilon was not so rich the company could buy real new planes, so, he searched on the traders market, where he found exactly what he could expected : a CRJ-7 not in a so bad state, offered with 4 tons of fuel and, icy cake, the plane was stationed in Lisboa ! He was in love with this town and this sunny country he discovered few years ago. Portugal and Lisboa ! This was a great idea and a good way to forget the rainy, foggy and icy Maastricht !

-"Jeanne", he called.

-"Yes sir ?", she answered with a very smooth smile.

-"I have just bought a plane in Lisboa ! Buy immediately a plane ticket to this place ! I will fly personally the new FEPS-12 of the company ! And please, tell to our friends in Lisboa that we could offer some place for their clients in this flight."

She looked to him, surprised.
-"Sir, don't you declare that we will never fly again a just brand new plane with passengers after the FEPS-10 crash in Strasbourg ?"

-"Argh ! Of course I do. But it was just a press release, Jeanne, to quiet the journalists and so on. Our reputation is now good again, and it was a very rare accident, due to this shitty rear bad gust !"

-"Perhaps due a little to the fact you were not knowing very this plane and that you decided to try to land, whereas you could have abort the landing."

Mr. Fitzgerald looked to Jeanne, eyes to eyes. He was not smiling at all. He was loving single Malts, cigars, women, Paris, Portugal, but he was really, really, upset when someone was denying him some flight talent.

-"Jeanne, if we were not working together for years, I would have fired out you now ! Do not say this any more. You are a nice secretary, doing your job with very outstanding behaviour and quality, but do not try to analyse MY way to fly. It was a hell gust of wind, and that it. And to answer your first question, we are not in a financial position where we could fly without any passengers and especially their money !"

-"You could take only cargo, sir !"

-"No, no, and no. I will fly with cargo and passengers. And YOU will arrange this during my travel to Lisboa. And stop arguing with me. I'm the boss, you're the secretary."

-"As you want. I was just wanting to avoid a new Strasbourg story."

-"You will avoid nothing. I will avoid it, making a perfect flight and landing, like I'm used. Is it ok now, or are you going to pursuit me right to the airport to continue this discussion, whereas my decision is taken ?????"

-"No, you know sir that, except for sex, I will always follow your directives."

Mr. Fitzgerald smiled. It was an old private joke between them. At the beginning, he tried to have an adventure with Jeanne, but she always refused. She was smart, beautiful, and with something all women do not have : sex-appeal. This kind of attitude that was able to bring a man out of himself.

-"One day, you will accept !", he answered.

-"Sir, your are a smart guy, a nice boss, perhaps a good captain on board, but I still do not see any reason to accept you in my bed. Sorry now, but I have your trip to Lisboa to organize. I propose you the Solar del Castello. You should like this place and, no, do not ask me to plan something for your nights. You will have do this by yourself."

And she turned back to a office, reaching the phone line and starting to prepare everything.

Mr Fitzgerald smiled again. Yes, he was loving Lisboa. And especially the hot nights ! He decided that he will push his luck in an angolan disco, where he could dance kizomba.

Re: In the CEO Office

Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 7:33 am
by MOW
As the routine was going on, between good restaurant, motorbike race around the Paris ring road, nice nights in nice clubs, where he was drinking singles, smoking cigars and entering single to go back accompanied and of course with a lot of flights as main activity, mister Fitzgerald was looking forward to earn more money. He was really happy to have now 4 CRJ-7, but it was not enough. Meantime, he was not wishing a complete CRJ-7 fleet and time to expand to Airbus or Boeing was arriving.

When Jeanne arrived with a letter she has just opened, excited, he looked to her.

-"Ho, are you going to say me good things, like you are accepting to have a diner and a night with me ?"

-"A night, no never sir. A diner, I could have been pleased, but like I know that it will not be just to have the pleasure to be with me, but with the aim to attract me to your bed, finally, definitely no."

-"Aah... So, what's up ?"

She gave him the letter, but, without letting him the time to read it she said.

-"You have been promoted to c9 sir ! c9 ! It means..."

-"It means I'm now authorized to fly this shitty B737-800 or even AIRBUS 321 I dream about !"

-"Isn't it a good news, sir ?"

-"In one hand, it is. In the other one, it is not, Jeanne. I'm still lacking 10 millions to buy the Boeing and 14 millions for the Airbus ! It means 20 to 30 hours of flight to be able to fly one of this nice plane..."

-"Oh ! Sorry, sir. I was thinking..."

-"Don't worry, Jeanne. I'm happy. In fact, I'm proud to be c9 in less than five months. But I have perhaps one solution, selling at least one old BE58 and nearly one unused B350."

-"With the current crisis in the world, I'm not sure that a company will buy them, sir."

-"In fact, I was keeping them only to have some planes when we will open an Hub in Africa. Capo Verde or Angola will be nice... But I have to make choices. First to expand our net, especially till our partnership with Little Italia. There is some lines shared with them we just cannot use because CRJ-7 do not have a sufficient range to fly them. Except with full fuel and without any passenger or load... No, I really need 2 to 3 larger plane to expand to Italy and to fly our main lines to Marseille, Montpellier and Toulouse... And you are right, no one will buy theses planes. No, I should better scrapped them. In fact, it is exactly what I'm going to do. I will fly the BE58 FEPS2 tomorrow, using our existing lines to London, and then I will fly it to Kemble. At least, I will make some last money with this plane before to scrap it."

-"Sounds good to me, sir".

But, as she was ready to quit the office, Mr. Fitzgerald smiled.

-"Jeanne ? What are you thinking about a week-end in London, just you and me and the FEPS 2 ?"

She smiled at him.
-"Definitely no. I planned a week-end with my cat, and I prefer him to you."

And she turned back to a own office.

Re: In the CEO Office

Posted: Fri May 14, 2010 8:55 pm
by MOW
Mr. Fitzgerald was looking very upset when he arrived. Jeanne said nothing and gave him its cup of coffee, a very nice medecine when he was looking like this.

Of course, she was knowing why he was like this. The "Naples" incident was in all the newspaper this morning...

As she was to go out from the office, Mr Fitzgerald said.

-"Can you imagine this ??? I was flying from Marseille and I was sure that my destination was Naples ! All my instruments was prepared in this way, and even my flight plane... And I was quite happy to land with 5 minutes of advance in Naples and... Suddeny all passengers was shooting and very unhappy ! I can understand why ! They were passengers for Reggio Calabria !! How this is possible, Jeanne, that I'm flying a flight to Naples with passengers for Reggio Calabria ???? How has it been possible ? Where was the mistake ???"

He had a look to the newspaper.

-"Our reputation has lowered, for sure !"

-"Sir, our reputation is not so bad at all. And we will repaired this incident. We had already delivered a free plane ticket to all of them in any of our routes, so this will participate in quieting the mind. I studied the conditions and I'm sorry to say that this is the mistake of our regional coordinator in Marseille. As..."

-"Fire him out !", said the Boss.

-"He knows he will be fired out. The letter is in your desk, waiting for your approval."

-"And how does it cost to the company ?"

-"A little less than 10 millions, nothing the company cannot refunded in only 1 B738 flight"

-"Ah... So, we just need to manage operational communication on this topic ?"

-"Yes sir. I sent yet a press release, that should be taken in account in the next news, and I invited some journalists to a press conference this morning..."

-"eeeee ? At what time ?"

-"In five minutes. So that, you will be quiet after." She smiled. "And better than to speak about the Naples event, you should communicate about the new EPSILON HUB in Luanda, where Adonis will develop the settlement of an African branch of EPSILON VA. She has just finished to control the C172, BE58, C208B, B350 and DC3 we sent to her. Currently, she is establishing the routes with angolan government, linking the main regional cities, former United Nations bases as far as I know. In fact, you should know better than me with your own experience."

-"Will she fly to Lobito or Benguela ?"

-"Yes she will. So nive places should not be forgotten. I will send you a memo as soon as I have more information."

-"Ah, Jeanne, what should I become without you. Perhaps I could invite you to a diner ?"

Back to their private jokes. It was a sign that Mr Fitzgerald was in a better mood. She smiled.

-"No time to answer, sir. The journalists have just finished the ice breaker. You should not let them wait too much now..."

Re: In the CEO Office

Posted: Sun May 16, 2010 10:23 pm
by MOW
Few days after, Jeanne entered Mr Fitzgerald office with a large smile.

-"Sir, you can be proud. I have just received your graduation to C10, senior captain. All my congratulations !"

-"C10 ? Waow... It means I'm allowed to fly a huge 747 !! By the hell, we just do not have enough money to buy one... But I promised you, Jeanne, that as soon as I buy one of this air monster, You will be be the chief of my PNC... And who knows, perhaps, in the air, you will accept to have fun with me !"

-"Sorry sir, I still prefer ground to sky ! You should try with another woman, not with me. But going to more serious topic, sir, your plane ticket is reserved for Luanda."

-"Ah ! Luanda, the worst Angolan city ! High temperature and high humidity rate. But as soon as I'm there, and Samantha get governmental authorization, I will make the inauguration of our DC3 flight to Huambo and Benguela. I want to experimente to the fly to Cabinda, that is still considered as a guerilla area. Samantha is not experienced enough to do this..."

-"And she's still C0 only. She should progress quickly with her C172 first recce tour of what she called the "Angolan ring". As far as I have understood, she should turn in two days with one halt in Huambo, at least at the beginning. She is not wanting to fly too much in the afternoon because of meteorological conditions. Something linked to temperature and air resistance. Meanwhile, you should understand this better than me !"

-"What I really should understand is that if the "Cave disco" is still there, near central market, you will find me and her dancing some Kisomba and Kuduro !"

-"Your planned departure is at 0800 tomorrow. Make a nice trip, sir !"

-"Yes, and during my time in Angola, please, make all the studies to create an EPSILON route to Luanda, pending the range of our planes. If necessary, plan an halt in Cabo Verde."

-"Studies are going on sir", Jeanne answered before to leave Mr Fitzgerald office to go to her own one.

She smiled, thinking that, soon, Samantha will be under the Boss sexual harassment... But knowing Samantha mind, Mr Fitzgerald will encounter a surprising resistance. Samantha was quite a direct woman, and she should answered directly to the boss...