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Bad news

Post by MOW » Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:33 am

A EPSILON VA plane, on final, crashed this afternoon in Strasbourg airport. 29 dead peopled were found in the crash plane. Around 20 wounded people were sent to local hospital and the local crisis centre was activated as the French Red Plan and LFSR PSSA. The BEA was immediately sent on the spot in order to determine the circumstances of the crash. The fact that the pilot survived, even if badly wounded, should help to try to know what happened.

The EPSILON company sent today a press release about the crash of one of its plane in Strasbourg. After some words for the families of dead and wounded passengers, they said that the pilot was the most experienced pilot of the company and that they will support him, while providing all necessaries information to BEA.

The EPSILON plane that crashed today in Strasbourg was just bought from a Turkish company called FSA Aviation Inc. "The plane was not in a perfect state, but was a second hand one that was in good conditions following European aeronautic obligations" declared, under anonymous, one responsible from this company that currently is no more flying over the world and is selling all its fleets around the world.

The pilot that survived the crash of EPSILON PLANE flt FEPS98 in Strasbourg was able to receive BEA delegation and was to answer a lot of questions. A short press conference was conducted by EPSILON lawyer that attended the talks, where he declared that the pilot said he was 10' to 20' from landing when he suffered a strong lateral rear wind that destabilized the plane. At this very short altitude, he was enable to counter the event and the plane crash at 640'/mn of vertical speed. BEA do not accept to make any comment.

A multi-religious ceremony was conducted today in Paris NOTRE-DAME Cathedral in order to honour the 20 wounded people of EPSILON flight, and to provide all moral support to the wounded, as for the pilot.

People are more and more furious against EPSILON company. It has been proved that the company transported passengers in the plane that crashed in Strasbourg, whereas they have just bought this plane. In the daily press conference conducted by EPSILON, the director of flight declared : "The plane was sold as being in a good state. Taking this in account, there was no reason not to transport passengers. Of course, if the plane was not in a so good state, it will involve FSA Aviation Inc responsibility." But few minutes later, to quite the emotion of French population, EPSILON sent a press release to say that they will fired out their flight director because of its professional fault, and that they will never fly with passengers till the plane they are buying were not monitored by their own mechanical teams.

The EPSILON airline company should not be charged for the crash. The BEA conclusions are pointing out as cause of the crash two facts : the main cause was a rear strong lateral wind. Despite the ATIS declaration of wind calm, the sudden strike of estimated 30 kn gulf in the rear of the plane at this precise moment where the time of reaction is reduced and the solutions very few, this has mainly contributed to the crash. The FSA airlines Inc was not charged of anything, the plane conditions being assessed and proved as good. EPSILON was charged to have sent a pilot qualified for CRJ7, but with only 16 hours of flight with this plane. EPSILON was charged too because it has been proved that the pilot fled more than 9h15 in less than 36 hours, what has been estimated as not so professional. EPSILON company said they will not counter the report, and that they will reintegrate the Pilot. Of course, they declared they will take in account, from now, the conclusions of the report : fly in hard conditions only if experienced; give preference to safety of passengers than to respect of ETOA (the pilot should have preferred to cancel landing than to force just to be "in time"); limit the consecutive number of flying hours for their pilot.
Moreover, whereas it is impossible to speak about human life costs, the EPSILON plane crash in Strasbourg costs more than 25 millions of $v to the company, the brand new plane being sent directly to scrap... But, not being charged, EPSILON should be able to continue its way, if the company is succeeding to regain the confidence of its passenger and to ameliorate its reputation.

(Readers will note that i'm not only a flight simmer, but a RPGamer too - and especially in a french post-apo forum called... West-Epsilon... Of course, all these texts are not so realistic, except for what I assessed have been the "real" reasons of my crash today. And really, I scrapped the plane IOT go and buy a new one, expecting not to crash it again. But for sure, number FEPS10 for plane is from now forbidden and seen as a curse in EPSILON company :D )

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