Conflict Routes - Clarity, please

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Conflict Routes - Clarity, please

Post by SJDobby » Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:48 pm


UK Direct likes to be a friendly airline and operate partnerships with other airlines.

Partly because we have such an extensive schedule of routes, many of the airlines we codeshare with have got a lot of conflicting routes with us (in a few cases, "hundreds of them"). Please can we get clarity on exactly what effect these conflict routes will have and what we might need to do to prevent any resulting penalties.

Suppose airline A has the following routes:
FLT0001 EGLL-LFPG - (CONC) (not codeshared with Airline B)
FLT0002 EGLL-LFPG - (B747)
(Airline A wishes to keep Concorde schedule separate from subsonic routes, hence has duplicated some routes on its schedules)

Airline B (partnered with Airline A) has the following route:
XYZ0001 EGLL-LFPG - (B787) (codeshared with Airline A)

Airline C (partnered with Airline A) has the following route:
AAA0001 EGLL-LFPG - (A320) (not codeshared)

My understanding is Airline A flying route FLT0001 or FLT0002 will be penalised 10% because one or more of its partners also has that route (and vice versa - Airline B or C flying their EGLL-LFPG routes will be penalised).

In order for Airline A or B to qualify for the 10% bonus when flying EGLL-LFPG, does Airline A need to delete all its occurrences of those conflicts, or can it simply ensure that all its conflicting routes are codeshared?

i.e. If FLT0001 and FLT0002 are all codeshared with Airline B will they (a) qualify for the 10% bonus and (b) be safe from the conflict penalty? And does Airline C need to codeshare its AAA0001 flight to prevent a penalty when it (or Airline A) fly EGLL-LFPG?

Ideally I want to avoid having to delete hundreds of flights (whether I want to codeshare them or not) simply because they are conflicting with one or more of our partner airlines' schedules. Does simply codesharing any conflicting routes protect those routes from any conflict penalties even if it means that the route is duplicated within and/or between any partners?

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Re: Conflict Routes - Clarity, please

Post by e00rasmussen » Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:56 pm

Interesting question... Please clarify please..

Kindly Erik

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