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Virtual African Airlines seeking pilots

Post by Nutlang » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:04 am

Hi Guys

We have been up and running since the 1st March 2017 based at FAKM (Kimberley) in South Africa and although our initial vision was to fly predominately Sub Sahara Africa, we very quickly expanded and now have routes to the UK (EGLL) serving Europa and to the US. In the US we currently have three main Hubs, them being KJFK; KDFW and KLAX.

Our fleets consist of the following: 2xC172 in which to complete 4 training flights; P28R; C206; C208; BE58; BE20; ERJ135; AC90; ATR75; 2XDC93; 2XB733; 2XB734; B743; B744; 2xA388; A306 and just today we acquired a A124
We also have started a Historic Fleet and have already bought a Lockheed Starliner for this purpose.. Looking to add a DC3 and B707 to this fleet in the future

Initially you will be require to fly a bunch of VFR flights and in some instances some good old fashion dead reckoning will be required:) This will continue until you reach the Captain`s rating.. Thereafter IFR flights will be available to you... On reaching Senior Captains rating you will have access to the entire fleet and can fly any aircraft/flight available in the schedule.
At this stage we have 556 flights available with the number growing daily..We are open to suggestion and will try and add aircraft and routes to your liking.

Flights may be conducted offline or online with both Vatsim or IVAO, callsign "AFRICAN" and flight number, totally your choice

We do have some basic R&R in place which is similar to most other VA`s..
We do require an active email address on application so that we can send you a document pack explaining in more detail what will be required of you..

So please do come check us out here ---->
We`d love to have you on board..

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