Majestic Airways. website up, looking for pilots!

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Matthew Cimmino
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Majestic Airways. website up, looking for pilots!

Post by Matthew Cimmino » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:40 pm

Hey guys,

Majestic Airways' website is up and running.

We are currently looking for pilots for both passenger and cargo runs. We only have passenger aircraft at the moment to build a total fleet of 15 aircraft, all serviced. We will be building a cargo fleet very soon. we have about 600 total flights to choose from when we have them all in. we have a total of about 220 active flights right now. The rest will be added very soon, though its hard to ghet 600 flights up on your own.

I am looking to partner with vatsim or ivao (i assume you know what they are) but we need 10 active pilots flying atleast 5 flights a week.
I believe the pay is good as you start to rank up. Trainees start with 2% income, though you can start off in an Airbus and fly directly instead of training first aslong as you are very comfortable doing so. Our captains and commanders will make about 15 - 20% on each flight.

We currently have the B744, B763, B752, B753, A380, A319, A318, B738, B735. Most of our fleet is currently at heathrow, but we do have a couple scattered in the United States and Middle East.

We plan on getting the B773, B772, B788, B789, A333, A342, A343, A345, A346.

If anyone has any questions please leave a comment or message me on my airline page.


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