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FSX Must Sees!!!!

Post by GOAIRUK » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:32 pm

Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a granite mountain sculpture of four american presidents located in South Dakota, United States.

Takeoff from Custer Co (KCUT) and fly heading 011 for 9 nm. The sculpture may be a bit difficult to locate so alternatively locate it using the coordinates N43*52.13' W103*32.38 (press Shift+Z) or 23.7 nm from VOR 112.3 on radial 243.

Stone Henge


Stonehenge is an old monument of stones in the southern United Kingdom.

The monument is small and hence difficult to locate from the air. If you don't find it, set autogen density to none in the display settings.

VFR: Takeoff from runway 35 at Boscombe Down (EGDM) and fly runway heading. When reaching a major road, follow the road to the west. At a certain point, the road becomes narrower and splits into two smaller roads. At this point, the monument will be visible when you look straight ahead (to the west).



New Year
Fly over one of the major cities just when the year changes.

Independence Day
The 4th of July is the American national holiday, Independence Day. There is fireworks at least in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas from 22.00.

Bastille Day
The 14th of July is the French national holiday, Bastille Day. There is fireworks at least in Paris close to the Eiffel Tower from 22.00.

Yosemite Valley


Yosemite Valley is a famous valley in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, United States. The 11 km long and ~1.5 km wide valley is located at 4000' ASL surrounded by 3000'-4000' high cliffs.

Takeoff from Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (O68) in a light aircraft. Maybe you need to gain some altitude to the west before you turn northeast and head for the valley which starts at N37* 43.40' W119* 38.80' (map). At the end of the valley you'll see the Half Dome at N37* 44.76' W119* 31.99'. If you follow the valley at low altitude in a light aircraft you'll need to do a 180° turn at the end of the vally because of terrain.

Crater Lake


Crater Lake , Oregon, USA, is the deepest lake in the country. It is contained in a crater with a small island, and it has a depth of nearly 2000 ft.

Takeoff from Beaver Marsh State (2S2) and fly heading 210 for about 15 nm. Climb to at least 7000 ft.



Aurora (aurora borealis, northern lights, or aurora australis) also appears in FS2004. Even meteors should be possible to see.

You may also spot the aurora on the Faroe Islands (EKVG) at about 5000 ft ASL.

Amusement Park


In the default scenery you'll find amusement parks with roller coaster and observation wheel. The parks are all similar but located at different places. Here's a couple of places where you can find them:

Coney Island, New York City: Takeoff from KJFK and fly heading 260. The park is located next to the coastline.

San Diego: Takeoff from KSAN and fly heading 295. The park is likewise located next to the coastline.

Mont Saint Michel


Mont Saint-Michel (Mount Saint Michael) is a small island off the coast of Normandy, France, and home of an old abbey.

Depart from Granville (LFRF) and follow the coast to the south. The island with its abbey will soon be easy to spot.

The airspace surrounding the island is restricted at 0-3000 feet.

Aerobatic Ring


A single place in FSX you can find four closely located rings for aerobatic flying. They're animated with fire and smoke.

Depart Devils Lake Municipal Airport (KDVL), North Dakota, USA, and fly track 355° for 8 nm.

HollyWood Sign


See the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California, USA. Takeoff from Santa Monica Airport (KSMO) and fly heading 030 for 10 nm.

The sign is inside the Burbank class C airspace (4800 ft - GND) of Bob Hope Airport (KBUR)

Kennedy Space Centre


The John F. Kennedy Space Center located at Merritt Island, Florida, USA, is a NASA space shuttle launch and landing facility.

The NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (KTTS) has a 15000 ft long runway. The area just to the east contains the Vehicle Assembly Building and a couple of launching pads, one with a space shuttle prepared for launch.

Washington DC

Washington, D.C. , is the capital of the United States and you will see famous buildings such as the White House, the Pentagon, and the Washington Monument in the default scenery.

City tour
Takeoff from runway 33 at Ronald Reagan Washington National (KDCA) and fly runway heading until you reach the Pentagon. Then turn north east, cross the Potomac River, and you will reach the other famous buildings.

Ayers Rock


Ayers Rock (or Uluru) is a large rock in the desert of Northern Territory, Australia. Start at the nearby Ayers Rock Airport (YAYE) and depending on the weather the rock may be visible at heading 155. The surroundings are somewhat monotonous, however, you should enjoy the sight of the characteristic red sand. If you are in a small aircraft you may try to land on the rock.



Athens is the capital of Greece. The city is surrounded by mountains and water.

Takeoff from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (LGAV), officially Athens International Airport, and fly west heading to the top of the high mountain ahead. This gives you a great overview of the city. Fly to the city center, where you will see Acropolis.

The Hellinikon Airport (LGAT) was the city airport until 2001. The airport is still visible in FSX but is in real-life partly demolished today.

Monument alley


The Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona, USA, is visible, though far from perfect, in the default scenery of FSX.

Depart from Monument Valley (UT25) and fly SE, cross Highway 163, and the buttes will soon appear

Old Faithful Geyser


The Old Faithful Geyser is located in Yellowstone National Park, United States. Remark that the geyser is not in eruption all the time.

Takeoff from Yellowstone (KWYS) and fly heading 123 for 19 nm and you will reach the geyser. Return to KWYS by tracking NDB 338.0.


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