LVA to be re-activated with your help (in need of pilots).

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LVA to be re-activated with your help (in need of pilots).

Post by j4cko56 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:01 pm

LVA has been inactive since January, the money i do have, however i have no pilots!

We started in 2008 when the service was free and since then have become a major airline, and one of the largest UK virtual airlines on the system, the first time payment was needed i payed, however this time i have not because i have no pilots to justify the money. We have a Teamspeak server ready to be used by all members of LVA (and other members if they want).

Any pilots looking for a VA with limited rules should come our way, we have no rules stating you have to have a certain number of flight hours to do this that and the other. Anyone can join and you can fly as frequently or infrequently as you please. As you build flight hours you will be allowed to fly the bigger more expensive aircraft on longer routes, or stay with the smaller aircraft if you wish. We fly routes all over the world and have a number of hubs around the globe:

Manchester (Main hub)
London City
Manston (An-22)
Edinburgh (An-12)
Sucre (Bolivia)
Naha (Japan)

The fleet consists (at the time of writing) of 77 aircraft, 17 of these are vintage aircraft not used in regular service. The active fleet consists of:

Aerospatiale / BAE Concorde (x1)

Anotonov An-124-100 (x2)
Anotonov An-148 (x5)
Anotonov An-225 (x1, the first on FSAirlines)
Anotonov An-12 (x2)
Anotonov An-22 (x5)
Anotonov An-72 (x2)

Airbus A319-100 (x3)
Airbus A319-100LR (x4)
Airbus A320-200 (x4)
Airbus A321-100 (x1)
Airbus A321-200 (x2)
Airbus A340-200 (x1)
Airbus A340-300 (x1)
Airbus A340-500 (x2)
Airbus A340-600 (x1)
Airbus A380-800 (x1)

Boeing 737-300QC (x1)
Boeing 747-100 (x1)
Boeing 747-100B SR (x2)
Boeing 747-300 (x1)
Boeing 747-400D (x2)
Boeing 777-300ER (x2)

Ilyushin Il-400 (x1, the -400 and -300 fleet will be returning)

Tupolev Tu-144 (x1)
Tupolev Tu-154B-2 (x6)

Yakolev Yak-40K (x4)
Yakolev Yak-42D (x1)

The fleet has a huge amount to choose from so don't be scared to ask if you wish to fly another type of aircraft. Aircraft will be sent to you as you need them (LVA livery).

If you are interested and would like to join (higher ranks will be gained with experience), contact me on or PM me on here (forums) or the FSAirlines website. Also put any questions you have and i will do my best to answer them :) Also, ask and i will arrange a way of posting you images of the livery on all of the aircraft.

Please take note of this, i don't want to lose the airline and 3 years of flying...

Jack Lindley - CEO, Legacair Virtual Airlines :)
CEO, Legacair Virtual Airlines

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