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Looking for pilots

Post by Jetta5 » Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:53 am

Hi everyone, I have been simflying for a few years and love to fly and meet new people & just have a good time! I'm not a power hungry
person looking to make anyone follow rules after rules..lol But I don't put up with disrespect to other and I don't epect you to be a perfect
sim pilot!...lol I just want people to enjoy simflyin and just have a Great time talking to others! I have started a new airline ( J-5 Cargo ) is
the name of it and don't let the name make you think I only fly cargo.. Fly anything you want too...lol I'm easy going and will make routes
to anywhere you would like to fly! Starting salary is 18%! I also like to paint the planes and make screnery and make video's, check out my
video's on youtube.....( jetta54321 is my youtube name! Enjoy and hope to see you soon! Jetta5

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