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MIA Round the World Hop

Post by Stan » Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:10 pm

Manchester International Airways is to hold a Round the World Hop.
The Hop is to be flown on FSA and Aeronet247 Multiplayer and Teamspeak simultaneously.

Each pilot finishing the hop list will recieve $200,000 Virtual.
While this is not meant to be a race the first FSA Pilot to complete the Hop will get an extra $300,000 Virtual.
Start date will be 02/01/2011 @ KSEA @19:00GMT
Pilots wishing to take part reply in this thread and send PM for details and indicate which aircraft you would like to fly as i will have to place aircraft at KSEA for you ready for the above start date.
Aircraft allowed:-A319LR/320/321/332/333/342/343/346/B738/B739/B742/B742F/B744/B744ER/B752/B772/B773/MD11.

Route at the moment but liable to change.
Next leg will be CYYC-PANC on SAT 15/01/2011 @ 19-00GMT.This gives you Time to catch up if not at CYYC already.

0-KSEA, 1-CYVR, 2-CYYC, 3-PANC, 4-UHPP, 5-RJAA, 6-RJNN, 7-RKSM, 8-ZBAA, 9-VHHX, 10-VHHH, 11-RPLL, 12-WIII,

13-YBCS, 14-YBTL, 15-YSSY, 16-NZAA, 17-NZCH, 18-YMML, 19-YPPH, 20-WIII, 21-VABB, 22-OMDB, 23-HDAM, 24-HKJK,

25-FACT, 26-DIAP, 27-LEMG, 28-LPPT, 29-LEMD, 30-LFBO, 31-LFPG, 32-EHAM, 33-EGKK, 34-LPLA, 35-TXKF, 36-MYNN,

37-MDSD, 38-TNCM, 39-SVMI, 40-SBGL, 41-SAEZ, 42-SAWH, 43-SEGU, 44-MPTO, 45-KIAH, 46-KMSY, 47-KMCO, 48-KATL,

49-KPHL, 50-CYYZ, 51-KORD, 52-KMCI, 53-KDFW, 54-KLAS, 55-KPHX, 56-KNZY, 57-KLAX, 58-KSFO, 59-KSLC, 60-KMSP,

61-CYWG, 62-KDEN, 63-KSEA
Yours Stan

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