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Florilair World

Post by Viper90 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:07 pm

Florilair World want somes pilots to complète our team :wink:

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Re: Florilair World

Post by Viper90 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:17 pm

Little up,
We want hub manager, the next CE can manage his team , his flights plan, his fleet ...
Balance: 4.599.537.643v$
A124 FR-CEB 207908241 v$ Ehmannuel
A318 FR-CCT 39531027 v$
A319 FR-CBC 42610000 v$
A320 FR-CAG 61000000 v$
A321 FR-CBH 67961918 v$
A332 FR-CCF 148503817 v$
A333 FR-CDL 158026237 v$
A346 FR-CAJ 245362422 v$
AT72 FR-CAR 15471217 v$
B350 F-UFA14 2995000 v$
B738 FR-CAI 62694361 v$
B738 FR-CBU 62697289 v$
B738 FR-CCL 62667548 v$
B742 AAW11 80000000 v$
B742 F-AFONE 80000000 v$
B744 FR-CAK 198164855 v$
B744 FR-CBM 215000000 v$
B763 AAW14 122938109 v$
B763 AAW24 123000000 v$
B763 FR-AAC 122961066 v$ CEO
B763 FR-CAA 122273219 v$ CEO
B772 FR-CBL 169515214 v$
B773 FR-CBD 196956517 v$
C130 XLC130A 7450911 v$ == leasing
CRJ2 FR-CEN 20890334 v$
CRJ7 AAW18 28871000 v$
CRJ7 F-UFA11 29000000 v$
CRJ9 AAW19 32754772 v$
E170 FR-CAQ 22677174 v$
LJ45 AAW21 8990000 v$
LJ45 AAW22 8936315 v$
MD11 FR-CEA 0 v$
P28R F-EVWF 323850 v$
PA34 F-IVWE 797690 v$

All this aircrafts for 4 pilots :wink:

We only want pilots who fly in safe (safe landing and a good fuel management )
Each pilot may have his own aircraft after 50 hours of flight (free registration, free name...) and after more aircraft ...

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