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Element virtual airlines

Post by elementairlines » Wed May 12, 2010 8:25 pm

hola a todos,somos una nueva compañia emergente.venimos de venus virtual pero decidimois unir fuerzas y crear Element airlines
en breve tendremos pagina web y ts channel
de momento estamos creando las reglas de la compañia pero como lo que mas nos gusta es volar libremente no tenemos vuelos ni rutas en concreto.vuela donde quieras,damos control a los pilotos al planificador de la compañia
damos a los pilotos un salario del 25 % de los ingresos a la compañia.

estamos reclutando pilotos asi que si quereis pertenecer a Element contacta con nosotros en igvdm@hotmail.com o desde fsairlines.
ya somos premium para asegurar a nuestros pilotos una compañia de futuro.
esperamos y trabajaremos duro para entrar en ivao y en vatsim.
gracia a todos

hi all

we are a new spanish company with three members who come together from venus virtual va.
we were a little bored and we needed to create a new company so we decided to start element airlines va.
we are working on the website.it will be ready soon.
the ts channel will be ready soon too
at the moment we are creating the company rules,but mainly as a pilot you will have full access to the route planning so you can fly where you want without having to be restricted to the normal va,s rules.

we are offering 25% of the va incoming to all of our pilots

at the moment we are recruiting pilots so just contact us at igvdm@hotmail.com or log via fsairlines site.
we just want to have fun but doing the simulated flights like reality.
thanks to everybody and hope in a future we could get into ivao and vatsim too
we are already a premium airline and we will try to stay as a company as long as we can.

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