How to fly the Freeware FSX/FS9 Concorde

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How to fly the Freeware FSX/FS9 Concorde

Post by Stan » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:50 pm

I have never known how to fly Concorde,it was the only aircraft that i had never

mastered until one of my pilots asked me if we could purchase one.
On hearing this i thought i would ask him how to fly it.
There must be plenty of other Simmers out there who, like me have never found out

how to fly this Fantastic Aircraft as there are no instructions in the download.
The following should have you flying this aircraft without too much trouble.
First D/L the aircraft from,search for file (
Follow instructions in download to load the aircraft in your Sim.
When ready proceed as follows:_
Set up a direct GPS Flightplan to your destination airport.Taxi out to the

runway.Set Autopilot speed to 240,vertical climb speed to 3000ft and Altitude

60,000ft.Click on the Altitude button.Turn the Nav/GPS switch to GPS.
Taxi on to runway,On recieving your take-off clearance turn on the autothrottle.You

are on your way.Rotate at Speed 180MPH.
When above 500ft turn the Autopilot on and press the NAV Button,and you should start

turning towards your flightplan.
When you pass thru 10,000ft set autopilot speed to 300.Climb speed 3600
On reaching 30,000ft set autopilot speed to Mach95 and turn on Turbo(Afterburners)

(check the NAV is still turned on).Climb speed 2500
Gradually increase speed so that you arrive at 40,000ft at Mach140.Climb speed 2000
Same again so that you arrive at 50,000ft around Mach170.As you climb gradually

reduce climb speed.
At 50,000ft set Autopilot speed to Mach202,Gradually reduce climb speed so that you

arrive at 59,000ft with climb speed of 100.Now turn off the Turbo(Afterburners)

(check the NAV is still turned on), and let your aircraft gently climb to 60,000ft

Cruise level.
If you get this far with no problems well done.
I usually start my Descent 280 miles from destination(look on GPS),i set IAS Speed

to 260 and initial descent rate 3000.Passing thru 40,000ft i reduce rate of descent

to 2500 then at 30,000ft i reduce to 2000 and after this same as you would with any

other aircraft.
On passing thru 20,000ft pull the Glareshield/nose lever down.Press F8 once.
I descend to 11,000ft and then level off and bring speed down to 240.
At this point set your heading to same as Direct flightplan and turn Nav/GPS switch

to NAV.
When you get your descent clearance reduce speed to 190 and descend as instructed.
Turn landing lights on about 8,000ft.
I have been told that if you use the spoilers to slow you down the aircraft lurches

downward so i use the gear to slow me down if i need to.
When you are told which runway you will be landing on,put the ILS Frequency for that

runway into your NAV1.(Frequency can be got from World/Map).
When the Localiser starts to show(around 27 miles from destination) click the NAV

When the glideslope starts to show click the APPR button(Nav will go off).Continue

as instructed.
When Localiser becomes active, aircraft will Automatically start to line up with

When Glideslope becomes active ,aircraft will begin to descend.
Check Landing lights on,check gear is down,set speed to 185 which is the landing

speed of Concorde(faster than other aircraft).
Turn off the Autothrottle and control speed manually making small adjustments to

stay on the glideslope.
Turn Autopilot off about 300ft and land the aircraft.
On landing turn on reverse thrust F2(cancel about 60MPH).
Congratulations,you can join Manchester International Airways if you want to.
One thing i did not do was dip the nose for take-off as i cpuld see where i was

I would just like to add that i think this is a Brilliant aircraft and comes

complete with VC.
Thank you Libardo Guzman and also thanks to my pilot G.De.Havilland for telling me

how to fly it. :lol:
I am not saying this is the correct way to fly this aircraft but it will get you from A to B.

New model now available on (,flies a lot better and everything you need is in the one download.The visor now works in 2D cockpit and the co-pilot now raises and lowers gear in 3D cockpit.Also a lot easier to handle speed on approach.
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Yours Stan

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Re: How to fly the Freeware FSX/FS9 Concorde

Post by Stan » Mon May 31, 2010 6:10 pm

I have added 3 more Concordes to the leasing list at special cheap rates if anybody would like to try this beautiful aircraft. :lol:
Yours Stan

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Re: How to fly the Freeware FSX/FS9 Concorde

Post by j4cko56 » Mon May 31, 2010 8:44 pm

I have one now to join the Tu-144, i use the SSTSim model, had to tweek the power and fuel flow to get it to FL600 lol...flies and looks like a beauty though...

Jack Lindley
CEO, Legacair Virtual Airlines

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