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EMEA Virtual Airways and B727's are looking for you...

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:08 pm
by edwinb77
Hello fellow pilots,

We at EMEA virtual airways are looking for more pilots to fly the great Boeing 727 aircrafts. We have the 727-200 (adv),the 727-200F and the 727-200 (RE) models in our service. We have 3 MD-11 Aircrafts in service for connections between the continents.

Our services are spread through Europe and Africa and currently developing routes through the Middle East.

I have liveries available for the Captainsim B727-200(F) (for FSX) series for those who wants to fly in the original EMEA colors.

If you are interested in flying these beautiful aircrafts, please PM me if you have more questions or sign in on the EMEA registration page.