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Your world, Your Imagination, Your Airline

Post by savagegrave » Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:29 pm

Imagine Airways has once again opend its doors to pilots of any level.

Providing training on some/most payware products by Feelthere/WIlco, Captain Sim and PMDG we can assist pilots in most aspects of flying these fantastic birds.

Sporting a fleet of Boeings Finest of New and Old aircrafts such as the 737-300 up to the 777-300 I'm sure we can provide the flight for you!

Currently based at London Gatwick as our main operational base, we provide flights around the globe, using Hong Kong (VHHH) as a stop over airport for connecting flights to New Zeland and Australia.

With a newer hub at JFK we will start regional and domestic US services aswell as world-wide destinations to give our United States pilots the same experience as our UK counterparts!.

With management teams from both the Uk and the US there is always someone about around the clock to help and assist you should any problems arise. There are no minimum flight requirements, and therefore Imagine Airways is an enjoyable experience. With plans to hopefully expand our operations into IVAO and possibly Vatsim our future is a bright and clear one!.

As an Active CEO I am always about to help/assist/and even fly and also I aim to keep our pilots up-to-date via our website/integrated forum aswell as our 24/7 teamspeak 3 servers.

Having a years subscription within FSA you can guarentee we are an airline thats here to stay!

Please don't delay, Join this fast growing airline and let your Imagine flow within the expansion of not my airline, but your future airline!

Thanks for reading.

Steve - CEO Imagine Airways
visit Airnex homepage at (New :mrgreen: )

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