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Robert Neumaier
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Creating an Event

Post by Robert Neumaier » Thu May 23, 2024 2:53 am

Hi everybody,
i hope you all can help me about creating an event.

First of all , i like to know, is it possible to create an event that only my airline-member pilots can fly ?
Or is it like that... Event is always open to all FSA pilots?

If Events are always open to any FSA pilot, then i wont not create it., sorry . I only want my pilots taking part.

Please, let me know and help me, giving me some advices.

Best greetings

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Re: Creating an Event

Post by joefremont » Wed Jun 05, 2024 9:38 pm

Right now events are designed as being open to all. Nobody has asked for one to be single VA only so far.
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