Elite Air Taxi. A Part 135 Bizjet VA

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Elite Air Taxi. A Part 135 Bizjet VA

Post by TVA703 » Fri Sep 16, 2022 5:01 pm

Elite Air Taxi performs U.S. FAR Part 135 nonscheduled executive flight operations and U.S. FAR Part 91 Subpart K Fractional Ownership Operations. (Part 91K Operations are performed in piston-powered, single-engine turboprop, and light jets.)

Based on the desires of our membership Elite Air has transitioned to a free flight environment. Under this concept, our members may fly any aircraft in our fleet to any location at any time. There is NO requirement to depart the airport you arrived at last or to fly aircraft from where they are currently located. Movement of pilots and equipment (called dead-heading) is done behind the system so crew and equipment are available for assigned contracts. If a route you desire to fly is not available you can make your own flight at our create a charter page https://flyeliteairtaxi.com/index.php/C ... atecharter

New members must still complete a 1-hour flight in one of our aircraft listed at the Probation rank prior to joining the free flight environment.

Questions or comments about our operations may be discussed on our Discord Channel.

Our Operations Specifications (OPSPEC), a heavily modified document for use by our VA, contains the authorizations, conditions, and limitations associated with the air operator certificate and subject to the conditions in our FSOP is available for viewing in our Download section.

Elite Air Taxi is now on FSAirlines! https://www.fsairlines.net/ For those members who prefer to fly using the FSAirlines ecosystem that is now an option. You can choose to fly completely on FSAirlnes, continue to fly solely on our website, or mix and fly with each or both as you desire. However, there is no sharing on data on the website version of Elite and FSAirlines other than fleet and routes. (Routes shared are only the scheduled routes and not tours or charters.)

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